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Job ID: 351548919

Job Description

We @ Gjonzef Realty Corp are looking for a freelance talented Illustrator on contract job to create original pieces of artwork for print and digital publications.

These illustrations are to be used for a demonstration in a workshop coming up soon.

The ideal Illustrator will have a graphic design background, strong conceptual skills, experience producing client-driven work, and a passion for delivering high-quality, innovative designs while meeting project deadlines.


Prepare rough drafts according to requirements

Combine hand-drawing and painting with digital media to create complete illustrations

Refine designs with illustration software

Use various colors, graphics and effects to better visualize each concept

Format images using computer-aided design (CAD) software

Apply isometric techniques to add perspective to complex shapes

Participate in design briefs with clients, editors and/or marketers to identify their needs

Define time and budget limitations

Ensure that printed illustrations meet quality and color standards

Brainstorm with the design team to come up with new ideas, patterns and styles

Stay up-to-date with new design techniques and software

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